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We specialize in rare tropical fish such as show quality bettas, show quality guppies, cichlids, killifish, and saltwater fish not available at local fish shops or chain pet stores
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As all know our general supplier for aquarium fish LiveAquaria.com and Drs. Foster & Smith (same company) ended their online sales business, due to state online sales tax issues.   Thus links on fish for sale no longer work as 02/22/10. 

We are changing our tropical fish suppliers now to "Aquarium-Club MEMBERS ONLY", so please stop back, because we will have more tank raised fish shortly,

15 years of selling tropical fish online and safely shipping fish and supplies to thousands of satisfied customers, without any complaints!!!

All Links to Information Regarding Breeding Fish Raising Babies, Further Information, Answering Questions, Chats & Forums and Other Services Require an Aquarium-Club Membership

Betta FAQ

    1.    What size aquarium do I need for my betta?
    Bettas don't need a lot of room and they can live in water more stagnant than most aquarium fishes.  However, the better the water they live in, the longer they live and the more colorful they are.  Even though they may be in little bowls, bettas do better in containers of at least one gallon and more ideal in a 10 gallon aquarium that has other compatible fish.

Give Your Betta a Home
Not a Jar
Betta Tank

baby biOrb Aquarium Kit with Light (12
Baby biOrb Silver or Black Aquarium Kit - 4 Gallon Capacity

  • Baby biOrb has all the features and benefits of the larger biOrb in a more compact size, perfect for small spaces like a desktop

  • Made from crystal clear acrylic that is 10 times stronger than glass, has low voltage light and air pump, patented filtration and media(gravel), and includes water chemicals, spare light bulb, instruction booklet and food

  • You just add water and fish


PETCO Shallow Creek Mix Aquarium Gravel (5 lbs.; Brown)
PETCO Shallow Creek Mix Aquarium Gravel
Hikari Betta Ultimate Water Conditioner (2.5 mL)
Hikari Betta Ultimate Water Conditioner
Betta Food

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets (2 g; Floating; Color Intensifying)
Hikari Betta Bio-Gold

San Francisco Bay Brand Betta Food Freeze Dried Bloodworms (1 g; Freeze-Dried; Natural)
San Francisco Bay Brand Betta Food Freeze Dried Bloodworms

Tetra BettaMin Tropical Medley (0.81 oz.; Freeze-Dried; Color Intensifying)
Tetra BettaMin Tropical Medley

Kent Marine Betta Care Kit (.5 fl. oz.; 10 mL)
Kent Marine Betta Care Kit


PETCO Brook Evergreen Betta Plant (3
PETCO Brook Evergreen Betta Plant

PETCO Pond Vine Betta Plant (3

PETCO Pond Vine Betta Plant

PETCO Ruby Platonia Betta Plant (3
PETCO Ruby Platonia Betta Plant

PETCO No Fishing Sign (2.25

PETCO No Fishing Sign

    2.   I have a setup with a Peace Lily in a vase of water, with a betta in it. Will my betta live long?
Many people are now getting into the aquarium hobby, because these betta in a bowl arrangements have been made popular and somewhat a fad.  Bettas eat insects in the wild, therefore they are carnivores.  They will nibble at the plant, but more likely to only graze on algae, just because they're starving.  It is best to feed you betta with fish food that is a minimum of 45% protein, if you wish to keep them healthy and colorful.

   3.    Do I need a filter?
    Although Bettas can take their water a little harsher than most, if you do not have your Betta in an aquarium with the filter running, change about 50% of the water in your Betta bowl weekly, with water you have either treated, or you have left to stand for 24-48, if taken from the tap.  Although Bettas have a higher tolerance to stagnant water (they come from rice paddies in southeast Asia), water changes and water chemistry management will help keep your Betta beautiful and to live for a much longer period of time.

   4.    What kinds of fish can I keep with my Betta?
    Male Bettas cannot be kept with another male Betta.  Some fish, notably barbs and cichlids, will be a little aggressive and prone to fin nipping.  More docile fish like the small tetras, danios, guppies, platys, swordtails and the various corydoras catfish all get along well with Bettas.  Remember to limit the number of fish in your aquarium to about 1 gallon of water per inch of fish.

    5.    How do I tell the difference between a male or female?
    Males are far more colorful and in the aquarium varieties available have long fins. Females are less colorful and they have shorter fins.

    6.    How long will my Betta live?
    About 5 years is the life expectancy for a betta.  Much depends upon how old the Betta was when you got him.  Most are about a year old by the time they reach the pet shops, but feeding your Betta a balanced diet and maintaining water changes, even 10%/week in an aquarium, will help your Betta to live longer.

   7.   I want to learn more and maybe breed Bettas, how do I do this?
    Buy a book or two about Bettas, read all of the literature that you can, and join a Betta club or two.  Books you can buy about keeping and breeding Bettas can be found at Bettas or at our bookstore A membership in this site will also prove helpful & valuable and you'll find this far less expensive (financially and otherwise) than losing a lot of fish in the beginning.  Then you will have the information, reliable resources and sources for a good genetic stock to begin.

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